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We Honor God and People

We Disciple Relationally

We Reach Beyond Generational & Cultural Gifts

We Worship Passionately

We Demonstrate & Activate Spiritually Gifts

We Study to Know the Word

We Give Generously


To build a spiritual legacy that brings awakening to our city and world. 


To connect people to the life of God and deploy them as agents of awakening to families, cities and nations. 


In 1988, the Lord took Joshua above the earth and showed him a vision that has shaped and defined the focus of his ministry. In this vision, Joshua was suspended above the sea with the Lord. In the seas were millions of heads bobbing, the Lord told him they represented the sea of lost humanity.There were several tugboats that represented ministries with John's boats and life preservers connected to them that represented followers. The Lord asked Joshua, “Why won't they come together? Joshua replied, “I don't know!”Jesus said these ministries were building man-made kingdoms and not His kingdom. James 5:16 rolled across the horizon and Jesus said if they would only come together and confess their faults they would be healed. The Lord reached His hand beneath the sea and began pulling the plugs and one by one these tugboats began to sink. Many who were following these ministries sunk beneath the sea of lost humanity and others were barely holding on to boards from the wreckage.
When the fog rolled away and there was an aircraft carrier that had five planes on the deck. The Lord told Joshua that this spirit-filled aircraft carrier was His ministry and that He was giving stewardship to Joshua and several others. He told Joshua the planes represented divine order and governments, which He was bringing back to His church. As Joshua and Jesus stood, they watched several planes that were landing and taking off. When one would land, those aboard the aircraft carrier would rejoice at the testimonies of the successful missions. Then they would refuel the planes with the word, prayer, and resources and launch them out again. There were also rescue helicopters that would land on the deck with people they had rescued out of the treacherous waters of sin.
Since the inception of this ministry, God has continued to give Joshua and the ministry team more insight and understanding concerning the spirit-filled aircraft carrier and our mandate to raise up and commission generations. This vision of sending laborers into the harvest is at the apex of Awake Florida.
Acts 15:16-17 “ After this I will return, & build again the tabernacle of David ...That the residue of men might seek the Lord...” Our mission is to restore this truth in the earth today. Man was created to seek & worship God. We believe in equipping all believers to seek God in prayer and praise (Acts 17:24-28).
Awake Florida Church is committed to providing a dwelling place for God. We believe that the restoration of the tabernacle of David will usher in a deeper level of intimacy with the Lord that will
solve the mission within His people.
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